There’s a new KIIS Jingle Package, and it’s not a FANTASY! @reelworldeurope


ReelWorld’s Anthony Gay announced on Facebook – “Our KIIS 2015 jingle package has landed on Germany’s Radio Fantasy. Get your ears on it here you special people!”

Radio Fantasy is a local radio station for Augsburg and surrounding areas.

At first broadcast on 21 March 1987, Fantasy shared an FM frequency (92.2 MHz ) with Hit Radio RT.1 and other smaller providers, and the transmitter radio Koe and Radio Sunshine frequency 87.9 MHz.

Later, the frequency was released 93.4 MHz and Radio Fantasy and Radio Skyline sent on this new frequency.

1995 merged Fantasy Radio and Radio to Radio Fantasy skyline.

In June 2013, the station moved into its new transmission facilities in the Bahnhofstrasse 29th.

In 2014, the new KIIS 2015 jingles sound just awesome at Radio Fantasy.


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