[VIDEO] How To Create ‘New Music’ Radio ID, Tips and Tutorial PLUS FREE DOWNLOAD


For Beginners. So how do you solve the problem of introducing new music to your listeners without the risk of tune outs? Enter, new music IDs. A radio promotional material that, you guessed it right, promotes new songs in your playlist.

The idea is to present audio clips showcasing usually three new songs, with voice over reading the song title and artist. The song clip is about 5 seconds of the hook, chorus or the catchy part of the music.

New music is exciting … that is for the music programmer, the DJ, or the music enthusiast in your listeners. But for the average or casual listener, having him introduced an unfamiliar song runs the risk of tune out, he’d rather listen to popular or songs he can hum along with.

So instead of playing the entire new track, new music IDs get the job done.


1. Should be quick or about 30 seconds, anything longer will sound like a commercial for the listener.

2. Don’t use too much FX, listeners do not like the sound of overproduced “BANG BANG BOOM” production. Use FX where appropriate.

3. Of course, promote fresh tracks. You don’t want to introduce new songs your audience already know.

Watch video below for beginner level tutorial.

Special thanks for StickyFX.com

Download the work file below.

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