TM Studios’ COMPLETE Jingle Package for Top 40 Stations


TM Studios, inventor of the updating jingle package, announced the success of the new service C.H.R. Complete Hit Radio now on the air at WPLJ, AMP Radio Calgary and WPRO 92 Pro FM Providence.

The signature six note logo of 92 Pro FM gets a 2014 makeover and TM Studios treatment that does not sound like the cookie cutter feel you get from the other so called ‘last jingle package’.

Complete Hit Radio Jingles come loaded with a full 15-Cut Launch Package Plus…

Monthly Updating jingles – 1 new cut, many mix-outs, every month

Sound design fx…Variety each month
Instrumental Sublintros…2 per month
Imaged power intros…3 per month (*Bonus Audio 2)

C-H-R has launched in Providence on legendary, market-DOMINATING, WPRO

C-H-R IS ALSO KILLING ON WPLJ/NYC (Bonus Audio 3), and AMP Radio Calgary and its only been alive for moments. Lock it up in your market immediately!

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