TM Studios Free Christmas Jingle Package for PURE AC Stations



It’s not too late to make Christmas miracles happen this year. (TM Studios will help)

Hoping you’ve heard about PURE-AC, the BIG new AC Jingle product that was launched. It comes in two flavors.

TM Studios decided to give every one of PURE-AC clients a FREE Christmas package. It’s a perfect companion to the always-updating Brighter and Lighter versions. CHECK IT OUT!

Except that some stations aren’t ready to pull the trigger on the massive- always-updating-best-AC-Jingle-product-EVER yet. SO TODAY TM PUTS PURE-AC CHRISTMAS ON THE SHELF BY ITSELF.

You have a choice – Sign on to PURE-AC and get a FREE Christmas package OR just grab a Brand New, REALLY WELL PRICED, Christmas Jingle package to get you through the holidays. And sound pretty darn good along the way.

Visit and and TM Studios set you up.

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