NRK P1+ Norway Jingles 2014



Norway has a fairly large population that is older than 60 years, and it is rapidly growing, as in many other European countries.

This particular group of listeners felt that it wasn’t serviced enough by the existing radio stations. So public broadcaster NRK decided to create a special channel for them: NRK P1+.

And they decided to come to SOB for a special station imaging package that would fit perfectly with the station’s unique character.

The result? An intimate, all-acoustic nostalgia custom jingle package that reflects the very broad variety of music styles that can be heard on the station: from the 50s to today’s soft hits, from jazz to Norwegian folk music, from classical music to singer-songwriter songs. There’s no sung vocals but a very distinct sound logo, that has become extremely recognizable in the short time that the jingles have been on-air.

Line Gevelt Andersen – NRK Head of Programme:
“I’m really happy with the sound of this station. Thank you so much for the amazing work!”


Download and Listen here >
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