JAM FM Jingles by BlowinBox


93.6 JAM FM Berlin/ Germany with a custom jingle package produced by BlowinBoX.

BlowinboX composer, Stephan Dankert, is an award-winning producer/ composer/ sound designer and imaging guy.

His versatile work can be heard in many different areas, reaching from remixes for international and national music artists such as R. Kelly, Ying Yang Twins, Craig David and Oceana, to the production of radio jingles and on-air design for multiple nationwide radio stations, such as KISS FM , JAM FM, JazzRadio and Radio Paradiso.

He also produces ads for innumerable regional, national and international companies, artists and products. One of his greatest strengths lies in ad composition and design, as he has successfully proven for companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Citroën. He has also designed corporate sound logos for diverse companies and websites.

Stephan is always searching for new challenges to prove his abilities. His fresh ideas and original work, together with his dedication to always do the best job possible, are a great asset and enhancement to all clients, tv- and radiostations, ad agencies and musicians.

All Inquiries at info@blowinbox.de

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