Radio Signal 2014 Package Launches


Floyd Media is starting off the year with the hard hitting branding package for Radio Signal 98.8 – one of the hottest and trend-setting CHR stations in Serbia.

Radio Signal now has a strong custom 4-note sonic logo spread across more than 100 audio pieces delivered, including multiple mixouts, SingShots, Top of The Hour, information elements, beds, and commercial sounders.

The slogan ‘To je taj osećaj’ (It’s that feeling) and station’s name was sung in Serbian language with a team of selected professional vocals, aimed specifically to target young and urban audience.

Floyd Media producing team was working closely with programming management at Radio Signal all the way, to be sure that jingles delivered was exactly how they imagined…and it was a real joy.

Vladimir Vučinić, station manager at Radio Signal said:

“Santa came early this year at the Radio Signal studios. The Jingles he brought us will upgrade our sound perfectly for 2014, especially the powerful vocals and strong sonic logo. Floyd Media did a remarkable job! I am very pleased to have worked with the team. Thank you. You rock!”

You can listen to the individual cuts on Floyd Media website:

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