Download Samples of TORCH FX Radio Imaging Library


The most explosive Radio Imaging Production FX library from Alien Imaging Sound Design is now available to crank up your production. TORCH FX contains 580 Brute force sonic tools including: 397 Starter/Transition FX, 121 Beatz/Loops, 34 Risers, and 31 Stagers.

Get the library now at

To download samples listen to each sample track and click the “download”  link below the waveform.

Video Demo of TORCH FX

“I go through the TORCH FX DEMO Pro Tools session showing you how each part of the demo was made using the sounds in the TORCH FX library. It’s a great way to see how I use TORCH FX.

Hopefully you’ll discover a few great ideas and insights into how to use the TORCH FX Library in your own productions!


–Jeff Schmidt

TORCH FX (inside the demo) from Jeff Schmidt on Vimeo.

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