Gives Hits Festive Feeling


We all love the feeling you get from classic Christmas songs played during the festive season, but why stop there?! How about having current hits or even older tunes sounding Christmassy? That’s where comes in. sprinkle magic production dust in the form of overlays to sit over pop hits to “Christmasfy” them! Whats more they do it for free. They offer a selection of current and past hits and also give users the opportunity to request tracks to be given the festive treatment.


And because the season is a short one they aim to get overlays created quickly so tracks can be on air within 24-48 hours. Audio comes in the form of a wav or mp3 overlay, a production piece that fits over the existing music intro. They also fit overlays to tracks for a fee of £5. This fee will go directly to one of two charities at the end of Christmas.

It’s a last minute fun project so hopes you enjoy the end results to your output! Check out the Q & A page for further information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact at and please request a track overlay using the form.

Listen and Download Here

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