NOVAZ Audio Imaging Drops ‘Perfect’ CLASSIC MAGIC Jingles for Magic 102.5


NOVAZ Audio Imaging did a custom made package for Magic 102.5.

Playing the greatest hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, all across the North Coast.

Dylan, Program Director of Magic 102.5 says:

“These guys from NOVAZ totally understood what we were looking with a custom made logo and a signature sound that is so cool and so different I can’t believe how perfect these cuts fit the format.”

Having a greatest hits format, it’s hard to have jingles that really stand out.

Either they sound stale and dated or they just doesn’t match with the music.

NOVAZ produced a package that sounds NOW and blends perfectly with any song on the air, containing 8 main themes, 8 ramp versions, 8 shotguns, and news, weather and traffic.

Visit to get this package for your station.

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