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TV and Radio Beds is home to hundreds of production music compositions for use on TV, Radio and Global Media which is searchable in seconds!

Some of the team have spent the last decade producing commercials and content for TV and Radio, others have written music all over the world for some of the biggest multimedia conglomerates, films, chart music, TV shows and radio, some have been ‘Head of Music’ for commercial agencies and others have racked up 100,000s of hours of presentation broadcast.

Together they have created a fresh, diverse music library with brand new, never seen before search engines to make your experience easier.

They have been ruthless with music selection; there are NO filler tracks here.

Every track is digitally mastered to perfection to ensure every composition holds the same production values, so no matter what you need; you will get the highest quality available.

Expect mix outs galore, lite versions and edits for ease of use.

They have spent months talking to producers, from all walks of life and have found out what bugs, stresses and annoys you about all of the other libraries out there… they ironed out their issues too.

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TV & Radio Beds


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