Contraband Media Create Beds for UK’s First, Biggest Radio Giveaway


Contraband Media were approached to produce the national advertising spot for Camelot’s National Lottery ‘New Lotto’ £250,000 giveaway across Commercial Radio. It was a radio first and one of the largest cash prizes ever given away on UK Radio!

Airing on over fifty stations including the Capital Network, Heart Network, Bauer’s Place Portfolio, Absolute Radio, Smooth Radio, Magic AM Network, Classic FM, Planet Rock and Talksport.

Camelot launched a large marketing push to promote the new look National Lottery which officially launched on October 5th 2013. As part of the promotion they bought advertising space across commercial radio culminating in a full 3 minute spot which contained a competition where one listener won £250,000 cash and two others won £25,000.

Contraband Media produced a bespoke competition suite including themes, drones and sound design.

They composed and mixed CHR, Hot AC and Classical versions of the promotions signature theme.

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