KISS Berlin: Wise Buddah Jingles Are Contemporary, State of the Art


Wise Buddah – Kiss FM Berlin 2013 by Radiojingles on Mixcloud

Another Wise Buddah package for Berlin’s Kiss FM… Berlin’s Kiss FM has once again launched a brand new Custom ID package produced by Wise Buddah Jingles. Comprising a mammoth 145 audio elements, it becomes the third imaging package in four years to be commissioned by the station for London’s Wise Buddah.

Kiss FM’s Christian Schalt – “For a rhythmic CHR station like KISS FM Berlin it is essential to keep up with contemporary sounds. Our jingles are in between songs of the biggest music artists and they have to work.
The new KISS FM package from Wise Buddah mirrors the contemporary music world and helps KISS maintain its strong position as the leading young station in Berlin. Working with Wise Buddah is fun – and the output is state of the art.”

Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant – “Our portfolio of German stations continues to grow, which makes us even more proud of our heritage with Kiss FM. We love working with Christian [Schalt] and the team, and we hope that the new package helps to provide the cutting edge sound that makes Kiss one of Berlin’s leading radio stations”.

The main package consists of 5 Main IDs, Ramps and Shotguns, 2 TOHs plus News, Travel and Weather.

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