What’s APP-ening? 4 Audio Apps To Check Out



This multifunction audio app includes an spectrum analyzer,audio signal generator,speaker polarity  checker,and more. Note that the i0S version is called iAudioTool . US$6.99-US$7.49(Audroid,iPhone,iPad). bit.ly/17RfRUy


THX tune-up

Adjust the sound (and pictures) on your home theater,and then play THX trailer to show off your tuned system. Requires Apple TV or an AV adapter on your device. US$1.99 (iPhone,iPad).bit.ly/188sTOH


Sound Meter Pro

This sound pressure level meter app uses your phone mic to measure noise volume in decibels and shows a reference. It has been calibrated for many specific device models. US$0.99 (Android). bit.ly/159Ym44



Awareness uses your device’s mic to sample ambient sound as you listen to music,and then feeds important noises (such as car horns) to your headphones for safety. US$6.99 (iPhone,iPad).essency.co.uk

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