Reezom Unwraps Earliest 2013 Holiday IDs, New Station Jingles


New at Reezom:

News and Weather is backed by Reezom in Belgium, with the musical compositions and 10 jingles created for Radio Contact.

Next door, in St. Etienne, France, Activ is spinning no less than 35 Reezom jingles for the 4th consecutive year!

Meanwhile, in Perpignan, you’ll hear a lead singer backed by a vocal trio on RCN’s entire imaging package. Reezom’s creative team went back to the classics in this Adult format.

Mona FM’s imaging is On-Air in Lille.

Reezom has also packed in a few early Christmas jingles… the first for this year!

For some good vibes all over the Caribbean, there is Cocktail Radio’s new imaging package!

Of course, the TV-Web commercial for the MSS TEAM has been shaking up Martinique! So far,  tracked are some 3500 views in only a few days!

To listen to more of Reezom’s sound head on to

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