Hit Radio RT1 Jingles from Wise Buddah


A brand new custom package for Hit Radio RT1


In summer 2013, Augsburg’s Hit Radio RT1 once again joined forces with Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging to produce a cutting edge custom ID Package. Comprising Slow, Medium & Fast IDs to match a playlist packed full of the hottest and latest tracks, the station also commissioned 2 Morning Show Openers.

Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant “Hit Radio RT1 have been playing Wise Buddah Jingles since 2008 so we’re thrilled to welcome them back. Once again we worked with native German singers at Wise Buddah studios to record this package for Daniel and the team at RT1, to make sure it would fit perfectly in Bavaria!”

The package comprises 6 Main IDs, 2 Morning Show Openers, 4 Information Elements plus extended Ramps and Shotguns.

Click here to listen to the package

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