AudioMonky Library Now Swinging On KFTA, Twin Falls


Envision Radio Networks® is proud to announceKFTA/Twin Falls, ID as the latest affiliate of AudioMonky, the new imaging and production elements library exclusively for Spanish Pop and Regional Mexican radio stations available at With Juan 970 AM now utilizing AudioMonky, it joins over 150 affiliates on theEnvision Spanish Network.  

“The guys at Envision’s AudioMonky are not robotic simians– they are creative geniuses who have developed contextualized branding that will give us the creative edge to “darle una patada” (literally, kick some major league butt) to the competition, and help our station to be competitively branded,” said Benjamin “El Chupacabras” Reed,  the Program Director at KFTA.  “We are eager to forge this new partnership as we renovate our sound and imaging.”

Available on a barter basis, AudioMonky’s cutting edge and diverse collection of imaging has been crafted to specifically target the Spanish language listener. Affiliates can search the recently with ease and speed to customize the sound of their station with pre-produced imaging pieces or mix and match elements to create their own original productions. Updated twice monthly,AudioMonky provides everything needed to image Spanish formats including sweepers, work parts, FX, music beds, artist IDs and movie drops.

Created by a team of producers in the U.S. who have worked at radio in major markets, AudioMonky provides high quality sound and imaging that cuts through the competition.

Interested stations should visit to sign up for a two-week trial. For additional details on AudioMonky, contact Melissa Bachtel at 216-831-3761 or for more information.

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