GrooveWorx SoundAlike Intros Are Smash Hits On KHHT, WFLC


What Are Groove Worx SoundAlike Intros? These are custom intros seamlessly integrate your station brand with your core artists, creating a unique bond with your listeners. GrooveWorx custom SoundAlike Intros are available on a format exclusive basis in your market. Visit now for demos.

“The trick to what I wanted at Hot 92.3 here in Los Angeles was making custom intros sound like the vocals, like they belonged in the songs, and that they sound exactly like the artists who sang the tunes originally. The people at GrooveWorx worked their magic with SoundAlike Intros, and now “Rick James”, “Michael Jackson”, “Chaka Khan” and a whole stable of stars make it personal. Whenever our HOT listeners hear these songs, they’ll be singing along remembering our name.”

Ron Shapiro | Assistant Program Director / Creative Services Director
KHHT – Hot 92.3 | Los Angeles


“I discovered Grooveworx Soundalike Intros as I searched for new and unique ways to brand and identify my radio station in today’s hectic media landscape. I love the fact that these embedded intros sound just like the artists and songs, as the name of my station is sung over the intros! These are so infectious and are a great way for listeners to quickly recall and identify your station – and you end up hearing them in your head even when you’re listening to another station or music stream play the songs for which these intros are utilized!”

Tom Calococci | Program Director
WFLC / 97-3 The Coast | Miami


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