Studio IVO Remixes Station Calls for Dutch Radio6


European radio imaging expert Studio IVO recently refreshed the jingle package for Dutch Radio 6’s popular programme Soul Classics, hosted by Corné Klijn.

The project was a great example of how Studio IVO is enabling media to cope with ever-decreasing radio and TV imaging budgets, by offering innovative remixes of existing jingles rather than starting completely from scratch. A remixed jingle sounds new and fresh – while retaining an element of familiarity.

For Soul Classics, top producers Ivo Samplonius en Frank de Lange took the original vocal stems and re-created the beats, orchestration and harmonic structure.

They then edited the resulting tunes into all the necessary formats, including station calls, fillers, underscores, and more. The show’s host Corné Klijn was pleasantly surprised with the results, and immediately began using the new package in his show. Soul Classics revamped jingle package has been airing for a few weeks now – and is sounding even better than before!


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