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“NRJ” was originally the symbol of “New Youth Radio” 1 or “New youth radio” two , became the allograph of ” energy ” 3 .

In non-Francophone where it is located, the radio is also called “Energy” 4 ( French for “energy”), since “NRJ” is silent phonetically “energy” in French (“NRJ” = ” énardjey “in English, for example).

It was conceived by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini in June 1981 and is part of the NRJ Group. It was the start of the NRJ International.

NRJ stands for Nouvelle radio jeunesse (New Youth Radio) or Nouvelle radio pour les jeunes (New Radio for the Youth), to then become the allograph of energy.

In the non-French countries where the station also operates, the radio station is simply called Energy, because NRJ can only be pronounced phonetically only in French as Energy or NRG.


In June 1981 Jean-Paul Baudecroux produced a music radio station for the youth, and founded NRJ (standing for Nouvelle Radio des Jeunes). He then installed  its studios in a tiny room in the twentieth arrondissement in a place of high altitude to strategically cover all Paris on 92.0 Mhz.

The station beginning 1988 is reaching out to audiences internationally. In the last years, it has started operations in countries like Russia, Lebanon, and Quebec.

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