XLFM Radio Imaging 2013 By Udder Media


The Udder Media company announced their latest production work for XLFM.

“XLFM, The community station serving Stafford wanted a sound that didn’t sound like a traditional community station but still wanted to sound local. Tom Moog was used as the voice on the package and new constructed work parts to lift the package off the dial. Udder Media are also currently retained as the stations commercial production company.”

About //

The Udder Media Company are a professional audio production company producing sonic branding and imaging for radio stations across the world.

Udder also producers music beds, theme park audio and music for virtually anything, including TV theme tunes and movie incidental music.

Udder also have a wide variety of voice overs that can be called upon for your imaging or commercial production.

Visit http://www.theuddermediacompany.co.uk/

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