Cool CUTZ – Imaging Library The Makes The Cut


Tired of those libraries that feature tons of those ‘extras’ you’re never gonna use but in the end you do pay for?

Now there’s Cool Cutz!

Specially for audio designers that simply don’t have the time to scroll through thousands of audio files to find that one usable bit.

Cool Cutz is a compact library containing plug and play FX you can use on the fly and don’t need tweaking.

A unique bundle that combines energy with subtleness and fits in any format.

Whether you wanna start of a promo with impact or wanna separate different phrases in a sweeper, Cool Cutz makes it work.

And because we lost the overweight b.s. it’s extremely affordable for any station, mobile DJ or hospital radio.

Cool Cutz is an exclusive production of Dutch production house Lekker Hip Audio in collaboration with Sticky FX Productions.

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