World’s First Studio Quality Mic, USB Audio Interface For iPad


The all new Apogee ONE is the first studio quality microphone and USB audio interface for iPad and Mac.

ONE is designed for easily creating professional and amazing sounding recordings on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Using Apogee’s premium AD/DA conversion, ONE produces pristine music, podcast, and voice-over recordings while also delivering audiophile quality sound to your headphones

Apogee ONE Features:
– USB 2.0 High-speed Mac audio interface 2 Analog Inputs:
– XLR microphone and 1/4″ instrument connector on breakout cable
– Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone
– 2 simultaneous inputs (instrument + built-in or external mic)
– Mic preamp with up to 62dB of gain
– 2 Analog Outputs:
– 1 1/8″ stereo output for headphones or powered speakers
– A/D and D/A conversion: 24 bit/96kHz
– Controller knob
– Apogee’s Maestro (Mac & iOS) app for low latency mixing and advanced control

Alex Robinett

Alex Robinett

Awesome! I am looking to buy one are ou going to review it? Also love the new Logo”


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