Ke$ha, Bieber, Maroon 5 On Power Intros Spotlight


New Brandy Jingles Power Intros For Hot 107.9

Phil Becker, General Manager at HOT 1079 (Indiana, USA) wrote:

“Being the first client of Brandy Jingles in the United States I am excited to add Tom and his team to the Oasis Radio Group and HOT 1079.”

After an opener like that, we had to sit down…

“Too often in the States, stations use the same imaging companies. The sad part is that each of these stations then end up sounding like homogenized cookie cutter products. Having Brandy in our “tool box” allows us to crumble up the cookies. It’s time to add Brandy to your brand. That or keep playing the jingles that you and your listeners have heard so many times that you don’t even notice that they are there.”

Listen to more power intros created by Brandy at

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