[VIDEO] Sonovox Recording Session With Rick Allen


Here’s a quick video of Rick Allen using a Sonovox during a recording session. The Sonovox was used to create an electronic yet musical singing voice for radio station jingles many years before the vocoder or Auto-Tune ever came into vogue.

About Rick Allen



Rick Allen’s music and audio has been licensed by hundreds of media outlets around the world. His work in sound design has been used to get the attention of literally millions of consumers throughout the world.

Rick Allen Creative Services produces and markets original audio collections to Sound Designers working in film, radio, TV, video, advertising, web development and gaming.

He is the sound designer on interactive projects for Disney, Subway, Albertson’s and others. His sounds were utilized in the launch of Ryan Seacrest’s national radio show and Clear Channel’s launch of the iHeart Radio Festival. Rick’s audio has branded radio stations worldwide including – Hot 92.3, Kiss FM, Power 106 in LA – Hot 97, WKTU, WPLJ in New York, RTL in Germany, FM Tokyo in Japan and hundreds more.

Rick Allen has received gold and platinum records from major labels for editing and remixing – and earned Addy Awards, Clio certificates and honors in various state, national and worldwide competitions.

He’s also written articles about recording and audio production for trade magazines, lectured at professional music and recording conferences and even taught audio production and recording at the college level.

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