ASX Brand New Imaging Tools To Launch January 2013

Advertisement is  launching ASX FX: With over 200 sound design and imaging FX from Starters, to reverse, beeps to vinyl, impacts, glitches, imaging breakz, wooshes, phones and drones and more.

All designed by the same producers behind AudioSweets.

ASX Pop Core Vol1: Over 150 pieces of audio to help your show, station or production sound hot! It includes artist drops, fx, beds, beats, artist imagers, beat matches and power intros! Just insert your station voiceover and get straight onto the radio.

ASX Chart Countdown: With 3 themes, countdown bed, numbers and an artist hour opener. This Chart Countdown kit will get you started!

Normally these volumes would be £50 each, but to celebrate 2013, Audio Sweets has a limited special offer.

If you buy all 3, you will get each album for £20.13(+vat), meaning you pay £60.39(+vat) for all 3 volumes and over 500 pieces of audio.

Best be quick though, this offer will end in a few weeks – get to and click ASX NOW!

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