New KISS Station Launches With Sung Imaging Package From Floyd Media


Malta’s leading broadcast company “ONE Productions Limited” is extending its reach to the digital platform DAB+, with KISS.

Aimed at the young and young at heart, the 247 radio station boasts of a comprehensive playlist consisting of over 30,000 tunes from the past decades, and from a wide spectrum of artists and music genres.

To compliment the launch of new station, the company chose Floyd Media to create set of custom jingles, SingShots, imaging workparts and specialty elements.

Floyd Media studios in Europe and USA produced this massive package from the scratch, and here’s what Jason Micallef – executive chairman of ONE Productions had to say:

“KISS is distinguished from other local stations in Malta through its professional corporate identity comprising of its unique sweepers, sung jingles and other special station idents all of which have been exclusively produced and designed for KISS at a US based recording studio specializing in modern radio station productions.

All of this was in the capable hands of Floyd Media. A special thanks goes to Mr Scott Phillips, the person responsible with the coordination and eventual delivery of all production. It is worth noting that what Floyd Media promised to deliver was exactly what I discussed with them for our new station.

Since its launch, the feedback has been very encouraging and we are optimistic that with the introduction of KISS, local penetration on DAB+ will increase considerably in the next 2 years.”

To learn more about Floyd Media and to listen to more demos visit

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