Devaweb, Ignite Jingles Unwrap New Imaging For Presenters, Hits 105.5 and Christmas FM


With the leadership of award winning radio producer Chris Stevens, Devaweb and Ignite Jingles announced its new lineup of projects.

Devaweb is now offering sung jingle themes for presenters.

The package includes ramps, slogans, shotgun mixouts and jock bed.

Meanwhile Ignite Jingles released the demo for the US adaptation of the Ignite Kiss package.

The jingles were resung for WMVR FM hITS 105.5 in Ohio.

“This is how Ignite Kiss sounds in… Ohio! Welcoming WMVR to the Ignite gang, with thanks to our friends at TM Studios for making it happen.” – Ignite Jingles team via Sound Cloud.

The new Christmas FM package was also unveiled this week, with 5 themes, inclusive of slogans, IDs, shotguns and beds.

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