American Biker Minute Welcomes KRWN-FM


Envision Radio Networks®’ American Biker Minute is proud to announce KRWN-FM/Albuquerque, NM as the newest affiliate of the daily motorcycle radio vignette.

With 92.9 KRWN broadcasting American Biker Minute each day, the station joins over 200 affiliates on the Envision Rock Network.

American Biker Minute is a 60-second infotainment segment for motorcycle enthusiasts and the casual biker lifestyle that can be used as a benchmark feature in mornings or throughout the day.

The program blends timely pop-culture content with unique sponsorship opportunities for clients looking to reach listeners fascinated by the motorcycle culture.

American Biker Minutes’ interviews, actualities and tidbits make this turnkey imaging product easy for stations to program and sell.

Envision Radio Networks® provides content and services to more than 1,400 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Visit

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