KVIL Dallas 2013 Imaging Package: U-Mix It Demo


ReelWorld Seattle announced this week their newest jingle package for 103.7 Lite FM Dallas.

“We gave ReelWorld one goal: create a package to fit the contemporary direction of this heritage station. They nailed it. It moves, feels fresh and sounds great!” says Ron Harrell, Program Director, KVIL.

About KVIL Dallas  2013 Package:

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Train, Maroon 5, P!nk, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna, Gotye…

The biggest names in music, all core artists on AC Stations.

ReelWorld’s new and first ever package for KVIL Dallas was created to complement these artists and fit with the contemporary sound of AC radio today.

The KVIL Dallas 2012 package is also available with the Fresh, NYC, and WLIT Chicago sonic logos for AC stations.

About ReelWorld

ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Seattle, WA · http://www.reelworld.com


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