What Is Joe Cipriano’s Favorite Microphone, Plugin, Voice Processing & Technique?


As the announcement that came this week at Benztown that Don LaFontaine Legacy Award Joe Cipriano is joining the voiceover group, we were able get to know more about Joe in an interview.

When asked about his fave plugin and best voice processing trick or voice-over technique, his answer was none.

“I don’t use any plugins. All my vo is recorded and sent completely flat,” says Joe.

“No tricks. It’s just me talking into a microphone.”

Joe also shared details about his microphones:

“I’m currently using my 416 most of the time, through my Avalon M5.  There is no processing, no EQ…it’s completely flat.  When I do radio imaging I do run through an LA4 at about 4 to 1.”

Cipriano Shares Relationship With Don LaFontaine, CLICK HERE

Benztown announced this week that Joe Cipriano will add his talents to the Benztown voiceover offering, making this distinctive and versatile voice talent available to its radio station partners for customized, high quality local radio imaging.

VO Demo for Radio | Joe Cip’s Website | Joe Cip on Facebook


Cipriano is probably best known as the voice of FOX-TV Network. He is also one of the signature voices at CBS, where his voice is closely associated with some of CBS Television’s brightest comedies, including “Two and a Half Men”, “Mike and Molly” and others. For the past two years, Cipriano has been the announcer for NBC’s hit show, “America’s Got Talent,” he’s one of the promo voices for ESPN and is the “voice” of Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef America. He has been the signature voice of “The Food Network”, “Hallmark Channel,” “Lifetime Channel” and NBC, where he vocally represented their lineup of Dramas, including “Heroes,” “ER” and “Law and Order.” Cipriano has been the live announcer for many of television’s biggest events, including the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards and “VH1 Honors,” among others. He has worked as an on-air personality at radio stations including KIIS-FM, Los Angeles; KKHR, Los Angeles; KHTZ-FM, Los Angeles; WRQX, Washington, D.C.; WKYS, Washington, D.C. WDRC-AM/FM, Hartford, CT; and WWCO-AM/FM, Waterbury, CT.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President of Benztown, said: “From the early beginnings of my radio career at KFMB in San Diego and the start of the Benztown Voice Over Group in 2009, Joe has been an inspiration to me. He is a VO icon and having him on our roster is not only an honor but also a benchmark to how far we’ve come as a company in the last few years. Now stations of all formats, market sizes and budgets have access to one of entertainment’s finest voices and broadcasters through Benztown.”

Cipriano said: “I’ve known Chachi for quite some time, and this is the perfect collaboration for both of us. Benztown is doing some first-class work with some of the best stations in the world. I’m proud to join them and their affiliates in creating innovative station imaging that sets them apart in their markets.”

Joe Cip Radio Imaging Demo


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