6 Sound Management Softwares With Audio Wav Preview Feature


All producers have their own favorite library of imaging FX.

Impacts, swooshes, combos.

You know how they sound, but you always want the perfect sounding element.

But here is where the challenge lies, digging through those files of FX takes time and auditioning makes the process even longer.

Softwares like Adobe Audition do have built-in “Auto-Play” on the Import dialog box or auto-“preview” feature that automatically auditions a track upon clicking.

But the audition process is audio-based. And wouldn’t it be great if there is a way to also preview the waveform.

There are sound management soft wares out there you can use alongside your existing DAW, if it doesn’t come with any.

Updated (Nov 16 2012) Gavan Bruderer, Imaging Producer at KKOB FM Utah recommended the Reaper DAW which comes with a new media browser capable of waveform preview and a functionality that lets you drag and drop only the exact waveform section into the session.

Thanks Gavan.

Below are some of these programs.

Reaper Media Browser

Sound Miner
Link: http://store.soundminer.com/product-tour/

Sound Torch
Link: http://soundtorch.com/

Link: http://www.revel-software.it/Breezer.aspx

Base Head
Link: http://www.baseheadinc.com/

Link: http://www.ryaudio.com/video.html

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