IQ Beats Rolls Out 2 New Resung Packages for 92.5 The Beat Montreal, D95 Chihuahua


IQ Beats recently announced that two of their popular jingle packages are now heard on Montreal and Chihuahua respectively.

The Beat 92.5 Montreal is sporting their sung IDs taken from the Nova FM custom package.

“925 The Beat are one of our favorite clients as they choose to let the music dictate the melody and are willing to experiment a bit to see what happens.” – IQ Beats team.

Meanwhile, D95 in Chihuahua, Mexico took all of the cuts in the Capital FM package and made it their own.

“Incredible work you guys did over there!!! There is no doubt that my station is going to sound ahead of everybody in Chihuahua, thank to you guys!!!  Awesome, awesome, awesome Jingle Package.”    -F.R.R., Regional Operations Manager

IQ Beats

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