Download Free Neumann Microphone iPhone, iPad


A card game based on Neumann’s current and selected classic microphones is now available at the Apple App Store.

The rules are similar to those of childhood card games.

The winner is the player who knows which microphones can handle the highest sound pressure levels, have the lowest self-noise, have the greatest number of directional characteristics, or have been available on the market the longest.

The app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad – naturally free of charge – has a single-player mode with two levels of difficulty, where players match their skill against the computer, and a multi-player mode using Bluetooth.

In each case, a game of 10 or 20 rounds can be played, or the game can finish when one player has no more cards. Wolfgang Fraissinet, President Neumann.Berlin: ”In an entertaining way, aspiring and experienced audio engineers will learn many things about the strengths of individual mics, and can test their knowledge.”

In addition to its role as a game, the app can function as a miniature product catalog. It also contains information about areas of application – for both analog and digital mics. More information can be found at the Apple App Store.

Download The App Here

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