Phantom Producer Adds Music “Hooks” To Production Service


Music Promos Now an Option In Addition to Traditional Imaging

Expanded Creative Abilities Introduced in Five Different Radio Formats

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc., (USRN) an independent leader in the creation and marketing of network radio programming, is excited to announce an addition and expansion to its successful radio imaging service called PHANTOM PRODUCER with the introduction of “music hooks” into the menu of audio options for production.

The move, which comes in response to feedback from scores of already happy affiliates, not only creates an entirely new category of sweepers, promos and audio imaging available to subscribing radio stations, but it also introduces an expansion of the audio sequencing engine behind Phantom Producer.

Now, as many as five (5) audio elements can be combined to create one single promo using whatever music you choose for your own format. The addition of music hooks has simultaneously become a new element of the Phantom Producer service in all of the radio formats served by the production tool, and those are CHR, AC, Hot AC, Classic Rock and Country.

This announcement comes from USRN’s EVP/Programming, Andy Denemark, along with Phantom Producer’s creator and Executive Producer, Jeff Thomas.

Since its introduction in 2010, Phantom Producer has completely altered the way customized imaging can be created at radio stations. The service gives users the ability to audition, mix and download their own customized or generic sweepers, jingles, audio links and other interstitial production elements via a password-protected website.

This new expansion of Phantom Producer’s service options means that a collage of upcoming music can be easily created within the same online sequence that had been designed for jingles, sweepers and station ID’s.

Phantom Producer works via an exclusive online user interface that accesses customized elements created just for the client station – along with regularly updated imaging material – and allows users to mix-n-match those elements into perfectly mixed sweepers or jingles that can be downloaded immediately, ready for air in a matter of seconds.

No new equipment or software is required to utilize Phantom Producer in any format, and in reality, no production skills are necessary to use it either.

As a result, the Phantom Producer service ushered in a new era of “desktop imaging.” More information and several video tutorials are available at

United Stations is the exclusive distributor for Phantom Producer in North America, and with the recent addition of the Classic Rock format, Phantom Producer can now be heard nearly 200 U.S. cities.

In discussing the new expansion into music hooks, Phantom Producer’s creator, Jeff Thomas said,

“Users can now build music-driven promos, new music demonstrators and coming-up-next bumpers at the click of a mouse and using songs specific to your station’s playlist. The promos are created by our technology are done in less time than the length of the produced piece… it almost defies the laws of physics.”

At USRN, Andy Denemark added,

“This is what’s great about working with Jeff Thomas and his crew… he knows not to sit still just because a product or service is already successful… he’s great with innovation.”

Radio programmers have already called Phantom Producer “the best thing I’ve ever used in radio” and “a piece of cake” to use, and reaction to the new music hooks has been immediate and very positive.

Charlie Cook, Director of Programming and Brand Management for West Virginia Radio Corporate added,

“We find Phantom Producer not only a huge time saver for our multi-tasking programmers, but it sounds great on the air. It is a great tool for adding a dynamic level to imaging your station. And with the addition of the hooks, we intend to take our imaging up a notch.”

The Phantom Producer production team behind the technology is made up of Jeff Thomas, Arden Hanley, Ben LuMaye and Bill LuMaye. All have impressive track records in major-markets with credits that include KIIS-FM LA, Capital FM London, Jack FM, Howard Stern, CBS Radio, CBS Television and many more major media outlets.

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. is America’s leading independently owned and operated radio network.

USRN currently produces and distributes dozens of format-specific programs and services accounting for over 5000 affiliations with commercial radio stations in the U.S. The New York-based company maintains programming, sales and affiliate marketing offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington and Nashville. USRN was founded in 1994 by radio pioneers Dick Clark and Nick Verbitsky.


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