KMFM Jingles, Halloween Production Goodies At AudioSweets September 2012


The Autumn is all about sugary goodness from scary Halloween candy mix to toffee apples on 5th November so AudioSweets have been working hard to make sure they have some fab candy treats – with new beds, sound design, Sweet Introing the latest hits and loads more.

On top of all that they’ve just dipped their latest sung jingle package in hundreds and thousands to create some sweet imaging for the KMFM Group – fresh from AudioSweets ID!

There have been hundreds of new audio files added to in the last few weeks.

Check out the latest highlights demo below. — the ultimate imaging pick and mix!

About AudioSweets

Audio Sweets is a radio imaging tool kit from S2blue, containing a continuously updated library of beds, promo & sweeper shells, sound design, utilities, breaks, artist drops & song drops.

Plus a sweet load of programming elements.

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