KROQ Los Angeles Reveals ‘Headcase’ of Rock Radio Imaging


KEGL, KTBZ, KROQ Los Angeles Reveal The Headcase of Rock Radio Imaging

Xrules, Xrules Unplugged, Anarchy Major Babes, Sat*nic Rituals, Guitar Wars, 13.01, Planet Earth Rock And Roll, Industrial Noise Flies.

These are just some of the noises you will find on the 2012 Imaging Library Headcase.

The Plug And Play Imaging Tools of Choise for stations like:
KROQ Los Angeles
KEGL Dallas
KTBZ Houston

Produced by Shakey Waters & Joe Kelly, Headcase is available at

FREE 10-Day Access To The Library, Click Here

Imaging Tools!
Want or need to build your own productions from scratch? Everything you need is on the Headcase Library!
Special FX * Power Attacks * White FX, Pans & Pads * Work-Parts & Drones  Smokinʼ Pads * Big Beats * Live Rock Percussion Beds * Promo & Commercial Beds * Guitars * Bass and Amp Feedback * The AVDeli Sound FX Collection *Tons of Nasty Topical Content!

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