2 FM Hits Hard With Sticky FX


Just like 95.5 PLJ New York, B96 Chicago, RS2 Berlin, Radio Veronica Holland and Kronehit Austria,  Dutch Hot AC station 2 FM has chosen for Sticky FX to freshen up their imaging.

Imaging Director Ferry van der Heijden of 2 FM says: “There are so many fx libraries out there but this is one you really should have. It’s got everything a sound designer needs. Impacts, drones, beds, starters . Everything!”

Van der Heijden does audio imaging for multiple stations through his production company www.lekkerhipaudio.nl so he’s extremely happy with this immense new FX arsenal: “This is how sound FX should sound in the year 2012. With Sticky FX I don’t need any other library at all.”

For 2 FM which serves two the two bigger cities of Breda and Tilburg in the south of The Netherlands he constructed a complete new set of sweeps and ID’s fully produced with “Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1” and the AC-library “Glide”.

He likes the combination of both libraries as it gives you the flexibility to make the sound as soft or hard as you like. Ferry van der Heijden continues: “I’m very grateful to Sticky FX for giving me such a big variety of FX and Work Parts. It’s an all-in-one imaging kit I can use for all the stations I do imaging for.”

Later this summer Sticky FX will release a new FX package called “Pink Noise” which they say will make a lasting impact. More info on that is expected soon so check out www.stickyfx.com

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