KMFM Extra B-day IDs – Radio Imaging Your Grandma Hates


To celebrate the KMFM Extra’s anniversary, the team at took a call from the station asking for an imaging package that would rip out the speakers.

The station pride themselves on being big, creative and the being true to its slogan “Fresh Hit Music First” and work hard on making sure their playlist is as upfront as possible and need imaging to reflect this and stick it all together. delivered what the production staff at Extra calls “proper lush”.

“It’s garish, dirty, loud and would not be appreciated by your grandmother!”, – Audio Sweets.

About Audio Sweets

Audio Sweets is a radio imaging tool kit from S2blue, containing a continuously updated library of beds, promo & sweeper shells, sound design, utilities, breaks, artist drops & song drops. Plus a sweet load of programming elements.

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12 months access is only $500.

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