Phuket Island Radio 91.5 Jingles


From Phuket, Thailand.

Our shout outs to Chris and the rest of Ignite Jingles team for another great jingle package for one of Asia’s best sounding stations 91.5 Phuket Island Radio.

If you’re in Asia, Thailand is one of the most interesting places to be.

And although this radio station’s stationality caters to a more diverse and international audience”, the management wanted to keep its identity as a station that represents its people and its welcoming culture.

So when it asked Ignite Jingles to create their station ID package, the focus is not only on perfect sounding jingles, but also perfect accent.

Phuket Island Radio from Ignite Jingles reflects the station’s core identitiy and hits the name just right on the head.

This is new jingle package for Phuket Island Radio 91.5 from Ignite Jingles.

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