Definitive Productions Sung Radio Jingles


Headed by Chris Marsden, a radio broadcaster and voice over artist, Definitive Productions started life back in 2001 in Coventry, producing material for Merica FM, Trust FM, KHR and Garrison Radio.

Since then Definitive Productions has undertaken hundreds of audio projects ranging from on-hold voices for Chrysler in LA, to character voices for a new Ghostbusters cartoon for download channels in the USA.

Sung Jingles and Music Beds

Need a fireplace showroom singing about or perhaps a sonic ident creating for a telecommunications company?

Morning show jock having a hissy fit because they want a morning show jingle created or a long piece of music created for a main station theme?

Definite Productions understands where you’re coming from and what you may be looking for, just talk to them and they’ll try their very best for you!

For inquiries, visit

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