Music Radio Creative Now Offering Professional Voice Overs for DJs, Radio Stations and Radio Hosts on a Monthly Subscription Basis


Executives at Music Radio Creative today announced the company is now offering professional voice overs for DJs, online and offline radio stations and radio hosts on a monthly basis. The new service is set to revolutionise the radio and voice over industry as no one in the business is offering this service on a recurring monthly subscription basis.

The company is currently working with twelve professional voice over artists who provide custom audio sound bites and audio production services. Music Radio Creative Pro is the perfect audio production solution for businesses throughout the world as members of the monthly plan gain access to a variety of professional voice talents in a number of different dialects which include American, British, Australian and Irish English.

For one low monthly subscription fee members can obtain content for their radio shows, radio stations, DJ mixes, podcasts and more. It’s as simple as logging on to the website and placing an order that will be completed quickly and professionally.

Music Radio Creative also provides script writing services which is a plus for business owners who don’t know very much about writing scripts. It is nearly impossible to do a radio ad without a voice over since a unique voice over is the essence of any radio advertising campaign. In fact, a voice that doesn’t strike the right tone or convey the right amount of enthusiasm will sink a campaign more effectively than the iceberg sank the Titanic.

The fact is that great commercials written with great and memorable voice overs and jing les can really take off and help a business increase its bottom line. Business owners and DJs who are interested in voice overs are encouraged to visit the Music Radio Creative website to sign-up for their free newsletter which comes with a discount coupon for new members.

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