AC Radio Imaging by Abe’s Audio


Abe’s Audio is a creative production and voiceover studio, delivering high-quality work in rapid time.

It started in 2000, in a small granny flat in country South Australia. Using a very slow dial-up modem, a fax machine, a cheap microphone in a makeshift cupboard and an old school desk, Abe began producing between five to ten radio ads a week, surviving only by eating baked beans and white bread!

Over the years Abe’s Audio has grown and developed in so many ways, to the great team it is today. They now have nine producers, and they place a very strong emphasis on providing fast, reliable service & excellent quality.

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More About Abe’s Audio

• They aim to never miss a deadline.
• They love great music, and take care when selecting music tracks (so you won’t get cheap and nasty ‘royalty free sounding’ production music).
• They set a high standard with their voices, so you’re assured high quality, every time.
• They really care about our work, and will do their best with every job they produce.
• There’s no extra charge for full production including music and SFX.
• They produce high quality jingle packages starting from only $1500

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