Butcher Shop 2.0 Production Library Chops Down Price


Butcher Shop, the radio imaging library by Jon Carter of Megahertz Studios, announced that it’s now offering a discounted price.

At Radio Producers, a Facebook group for radio voice talents and producers, Jon announced that the library is now available at $175.

New orders will also come with 50 free music electronic beds.

The Butcher Shop Library contains 100 short FX, 100 longer FX, 100 :10 beats, 100 :30 beats, 100 :30 production loops, 60 scratches & turntable FX, and 200 butcher drops.

“Just wanted to let producers know we’ve set a special price on The Butcher Shop Version 2.0. Now only 175.00 for the whole library, plus you get 50 electronic music beds for no charge on new orders. Holler at me if you are interested.” – Jon Carter

“Butcher Shop Version 2.0 Is A Must Have!” – Bobby Goldberg, RadioJox.com

To avail of this discounted price, contact Jon Carter at the contact page below.


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