[VIDEO] The Making of Klubben 2012 Jingles – Denmark (SOB)


SOB Audio Imaging created a spectacular new custom jingle package for Denmark’s Hot AC station Klubben.

An unusual radio station with a revolutionary approach to programming and positioning.

The jingles are as cool as the station: all elements are based on six 45-second station imaging songs.

In this video you get a taste of what SOB did and you can see Klubben’s Managing Director Kent Kordt explain how they did it.

For the full package, check www.sob.nl.

About SOB

SOB AUDIO IMAGING is an audio and music production company based in Naarden, The Netherlands, founded in 1996. SOB creates sound & music for advertising and branding, produces station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and TV stations, sells imaging libraries & production libraries and offer state-of-the-art audio postproduction, recording and editing/mastering facilities.

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