The Top FX Libraries of Radio Giants

What do BBC, NRJ France, Vica Cite, Pure FM, Radio Contact, MNM, Joe FM, Q Music, and Heart 106.2 have in common?

They all agree that there are only two FX libraries that deliver!

The FX Stuff Libraries (Ruff and Silk) is the perfect imaging solution for any radio station looking for a transparent, positive, super functional, conveniently categorized and powerful FX library.

If it’s about drones, noisers, breakers, hammers, uppers and downers, FX Stuff kills the blanks.

FX Stuff Ruff contains 175 elements great for CHR or Hot AC stations.

With 178 elements, FX Stuff Silk is a friendly imaging lib for AC radio. The two packages can even be used in sound design for movies, corporate presentations, games & commercials.

FX Stuff Ruff and Silk have both been priced slashed from €425 to €399. Get both for only €750.

Learn more at FX Stuff is a product of Brandy Jingles.

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