On Feb 22, we celebrate the birthday of Heinrich Hertz, the first to successfully produce and detect radio waves



Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (February 22, 1857 – January 1, 1894) was a German physicist who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light that had been put forth by Maxwell. He was the first to satisfactorily demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic waves by building an apparatus to produce and detect radio waves.

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Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (February 22, 1857 – January 1, 1894)

Born February 22, 1857
Hamburg, Germany
Died January 1, 1894(aged 36)
Bonn, Germany
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Fields Physics
Electronic Engineering
Institutions University of Kiel
University of Karlsruhe
University of Bonn
Alma mater University of Munich
University of Berlin
Doctoral advisor Hermann von Helmholtz
Known for Electromagnetic radiation
Photoelectric effect


How Radio Works Video

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