Power Intros for AC Radio

Brandy Power Intros are not the exclusive domain of hit stations.

The custom adaptation of lyrics and vocals works wonderfully well for gold and classic tracks too.

Cosmopolitan FM is the first radio station for whom Brandy has created Power Intros on songs of the previous decades. Classics from Des’ree, Simply Red, Spice Girls, Natalie Imbruglia are easily subject to branding ‘the Brandy way’.


Cosmopolitan FM targets a modern female audience. It can be listened to by the 9 million inhabitants of Jakarta (Indonesia).

The music of Cosmopolitan FM is light and makes you feel at home.

At the same time, it aims to achieve an upbeat spirit to help women through their busy schedules.

Cosmopolitan FM is part of MRA Broadcast Meda, one of the largest media groups in Asia.

BRANDY – Power Intros Cosmopolitan FM by BRANDYjingles

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