Z100 Beatmix-Music Imaging for December 2011


Pure Tonic Media released its recent highlights for December 2011.

Showcase includes new music imaging promo for Z100 New York and a power intro.

The music imager highlights the station’s new hits like Good Feeling by Flo Rida, Blackout by Breathe Carolina, and You Da One by Rihanna. The latter is also used in a new power intro.

More new imaging for other stations are also showcased in this month’s highlights.

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About Pure Tonic Media

Pure Tonic Media is a London based production company servicing Radio Stations worldwide with audio imaging, music beds and jingles.

With a full-time roster of high profiled producers, composers and script writers, we aim to provide creative, contemporary and innovative audio productions.

Combined with our unrivaled customer service, Pure Tonic is is proud to set a new standard in Radio Imaging
Imaging is our speciality. We image top market radio stations in the UK, US and Europe.

A variety of options are available including full station packages, monthly services, or specific show imaging.

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