Download Brandy Jingles Free FX on Upgraded Facebook Page


Brandy takes Facebook to the next level.

We all know Facebook, and you’ve seen some of the stuff that it can do – but BRANDY thinks they can do better.

They created two new tabs: audio imaging and graphic design.

“We’ve just launched our innovative Facebook page with 1 goal: to dialogue with you, our colleagues and the sector! In addition to letting you be the first to see our latest work, we also share experiences, expertise and news from the world of media & design that has caught our attention.” – Brandy on Facebook

For the techies: all previews of jingles and sound FX are presented in the new and improved HTML5 SoundCloud player.

Be their guest! Listen, download and share the sounds. Like their page!

They are also offering free FX on their Facebook page. Click here

Go to Brandy Jingles Facebook Page to download Free FX

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